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A hiring website deals with a person's career or job. Several of these types of sites are created to enable those wishing to hire a person to advertise job requirements for a desired position. These are often referred to as job boards. There are alternative hiring sites that feature reviews by employers, advice for those in search of a job, career advice, and also detail various descriptions of jobs and employers. A potential employee is able to find and complete a job application through a hiring website in addition to sending a resume in for the desired position.

In 1993, the [Online Career Center] was established as a not for profit group that had the resources of forty large corporations. It was started as a method for those seeking jobs to keep their resumes on the internet and also to allow employers to advertise available jobs to the internet. Robert J. McGovern started Netstart Inc. in 1994 as a program vended out for advertising employment opportunities online and also to handle the e-mails that those advertisements would create. He had generated two million dollars and then created a website solely for this program. The site initially listed the advertisements from those employers who used that software. Then, in 1998, NetStart Inc. began to call itself CareerBuilder. Afterward, the company gained seven million dollars from companies like New Enterprise Associates for expansion.

In 1995, six large newspapers collaborated to advertise their classifieds on the internet. This was referred to as and included job listings from newspapers like the Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News.

During 1998, the job advertising market tried to reach out to a wider area when tried purchasing a Super Bowl ad; however, Fox did not approve the ad because it was not in good taste. There was a Super Bowl ad in 1999 from that featured three different half minute spots. These cost CEO Jeff Taylor four million dollars. This spot showed children talking like grown ups, describing their desire to work at different bad jobs with a funny intonation. They got much better reviews than the advertisement about a low payed security guard who moves up to patrolling a nicer building. shortly became the best known employment web site.

The advertisement from was not as popular, although it allowed the company a bump in its August IPO. Knight Ridder and Tribune Company bought the company in July and then CareerBuilder took in both and also CareerMosaic was already under the name. These mergers still kept CareerBuilder under the top employment web site, the second ranked, and also the third ranked